What are UCaaS and CCaaS?

UCaaS, which stands for Unified Communications as a Service, is an interconnected system of communication and collaboration applications and services that are hosted in the cloud. The main objective of UCaaS is to increase the quality and efficiency of internal collaboration by combining features such as telephone communications, chat, video conferencing, and file backup and sharing into one convenient platform. UCaaS can help your employees be more productive and collaborative with a fully-integrated unified communication and collaboration platform for that combines a VoIP phone system, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing and file management into a seamless experience.

CCaaS, also known as Contact Center as a Service, is a cloud-based customer experience solution which allows companies to utilize a contact center provider’s software. This means that you only need to purchase the technology that you need, lowering costs and reducing the need for internal IT support. The primary goal of CCaaS is to enhance customer communication and make it more cost-efficient. It achieves this by combining a robust suite of features and support services. Upgrading from a premise-based service to a CCaaS can provide you with superior reliability, along with easier adoption and faster, more accurate resolve times.

Many businesses are making the switch from premise-based solutions to UCaaS and CCaaS due to the savings, mobility, and flexibility. As multi-tenanted shared use platforms, UCaaS and CCaaS services use a fraction of the computing power of a premise solution. This brings the cost of providing this solution to less than 10% of the retail cost of lines and long distance that a business can purchase on their own. Additionally, because they are hosted in a secure cloud environment and accessed over the internet, UCaaS and CCaaS allow for just-in-time purchasing and employee-level sizing. This maximizes time and cost efficiency, especially when needing to scale the service up or down.

Further benefits include:

  • Phone hardware provided at no cost
  • Upgrades provided at no cost as they are released
  • Only pay for what you use or need
  • Easy to scale up or down, ensuring the system is always the right size for your business
  • Never has to be replaced or upgraded
  • Pay less per month than the cost of traditional services

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