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Northwest Cloud Consulting provides hosted IT services for Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, and more.  Every industry has unique needs and processes that make it challenging to manage IT.  We take the time to understand these environments and implement tailored solutions that make sense for and meet the requirements of each individual industry.
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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Reliable phone, email and instant messaging are essential, whether you are working at the office or the construction site.  A convenient, efficient way to collaborate and share documents among all parties is needed.  To avoid costly errors and delays, everyone should automatically receive the latest versions of plans and documents.  Firms need to scale up staffing for large, new projects or dial back during slow periods with changing business cycles.  Scaling your IT services will save you money by minimizing wasteful spending on services you are not using.

High Tech Firms

High tech firms are pressured to contain costs and improve margins, while shorter product lifecycles and a shift in focus from selling products to full solutions are driving the need for smarter, faster operations. NWCC will help you tame IT expenses and management complexity, while giving workers the productivity tools and mobility they need for efficiency and speed.  With our support, you can get reliable, easy-to-use and manage email, file sharing, voice, and other essential IT services that meet communication, collaboration and mobility requirements.

Financial Firms

The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations recently conducted a survey of financial brokers and advisors that found that 80% of firms surveyed have reported that they have been the subject of a cyber-related security incident.  In a new report on cybersecurity practices, The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recommended taking a ‘defense-in-depth’ approach to addressing cyberthreats. The defense-in-depth concept is based on having a variety of measures that address attacks on different systems and applications that you use to communicate with customers and conduct business.  Northwest Cloud Consulting will help you get the secure, reliable email, file sharing, voice and other essential IT services to meet the privacy and security requirements for financial services firms.

Legal Firms

Responsiveness and agility are keys for legal firms. Your clients expect outstanding responsiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To meet the security and regulatory requirements of your clients, you need IT tools that help you to communicate and collaborate, and support American Bar Association (ABA) best practices for protecting email and files.  Secure, reliable email, file-sharing, voice and other essential IT services can maximize productivity while helping to assure client confidentiality.

Manufacturing Firms

Cost-effectiveness is a top priority for manufacturers.  Many are turning to cloud services as a way to reduce IT expenses. Not only does this save upfront hardware and software costs, but it is far simpler to manage. Manufacturing companies also need modern tools for communication and collaboration and reliable IT tools for their entire supply chain. Northwest Cloud Consulting can help you obtain reliable, cost-effective email, file sharing, voice and other essential IT services to meet collaboration, mobility, and ease of management requirements for manufacturing.


The pressure is increasing on health firms.  Physicians already spend 22% of their time on paperwork for insurance, billing and compliance. And the pressures for efficiencies are increasing. Northwest Cloud Consulting can take the pressure off by helping you get secure and reliable email, file sharing, voice and other essential IT services to protect patient privacy and assure HIPAA compliance.

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